The Models

The Slate platform currently powers 15 project and competency-based schools through 3 distinct competency-based learning models. All models are built on a flexible, modular foundation and open-sourced by the schools for others to use, extend and customize.

Science Leadership Academy

  • SLA evaluates student growth in key skills and standards each marking period.
  • Students access their learning portfolio and third party learning tools from our central dashboard.
Science Leadership Academy screenshot

Building 21

  • B21 evaluates students based on the skills they demonstrate in each task.
  • Students and teachers log projects and daily tasks in our competency gradebook and task dashboard.
Buidling 21 screenshot

Spark Matchbook

  • Spark combines blended and project-based learning with teacher and small-group instruction.
  • Students customize their learning path and progress at their own pace.
Spark screenshot

Other Tools

The following tools are modular and can be added to any of the above Slate distributions:

  • IconStudent Information System
  • IconCompetency Tracker
  • IconNarrative Report Cards
  • IconParent Messaging
  • IconThird Party Integrations
  • IconSingle Sign-On
  • IconData Dashboards
  • IconStudent Blogs & Portfolios
  • IconStandards Based Grading
  • IconAsset Manager