What is Slate?

Slate is an open-source platform built and controlled by schools to define and track the skills that matter most to their students. Slate’s open-source approach ensures schools retain complete control over their software and data while sharing the systems and tools that support their innovative models.

The History

Development of Slate began in 2008 as a partnership between Jarvus Innovations and the Science Leadership Academy, a Philadelphia public school nationally recognized for technology supported, inquiry-based pedagogy. From the very beginning, Jarvus and SLA intended to share everything they built with other schools, so they released it under the MIT open-source license. Over the years, more project and competency-based schools joined and built a range of tools that integrate external systems and enable project-based learning and skill evaluation. Today, as the Slate community continues to grow, we work together to build and share the tools we all need to more authentically define and evaluate student progress.

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