Privacy Policy

Control and privacy of personal data is the driving design principle for Slate.

Out of the box, Slate stores all data within the server it is run on. No third-parties or their tools will store, transmit, or have access to any data not expressly published to the public via the school website hosted by Slate.

When a school hosts Slate on their own server, the Slate and Jarvus development teams have no access whatsoever to personal user data. For schools that use Slate’s hosting services, ours systems administrators have access to the full data infrastructure for diagnostic and maintanence purposes, but as a matter of policy we do not export or share any school or student data with third parties. Each copy of Slate hosted on behalf of a school is fully isolated from other copies of Slate.

Slate provides optional data integration facilities that schools may opt to use on a per-school basis to exchange data with third-party systems, including but not limited to learning management systems (LMS) and district-managed student information systems (SIS). This may include any personal data the school or district chooses to share with that system. For details on such integrations and any relevant privacy policies, please contact your school or district system administrator.